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Liquor Inventory Tracking System

LITRAXS is state of the art inventory control software designed specifically for the hospitality industry to gain control of your inventory and get it working for you. Developed by experts in beverage inventory management, LITRAXS is the answer to your inventory problems. LITRAXS allows owners and managers to monitor their inventories to the milliliter and ensure their investments turn into proper profits.

Liquor inventory is one of the single biggest weekly costs a bar/restaurant has. Tracking it is also the most complicated, time consuming, error-prone, and misunderstood processes in the hospitality industry. LITRAXS removes all the uncertainty and helps ensure you will receive the maximum profits from your inventory investment.

LITRAXS is designed to be user friendly so anyone can use it. No special barcode printers to buy, no expensive pour tops to break and no fancy measuring sticks to lose. LITRAXS is the pinnacle of simplicity and unmatched performance in beverage inventory management. Using existing barcodes, LITRAXS scanners and scientific scales ensure un-paralleled speed, accuracy and consistency in measuring products.

LITRAXS is the fastest and most efficient inventory software on the market allowing for over 225 bottles to be scanned weighed and recorded in 15 minutes, that’s 900 bottles an hour!

The bottom line is to determine were your losses are coming from, put a stop to it and get profitable

Inventory times can be cut by up to 60% allowing for more frequent audits resulting in less shrinkage and more profits. Audits can be performed by managers or employees. Our DSP (Double Scan Protection) and DCP (Double Count Protection) catches errors and attempts to cover losses for every audit.

Have multiple accounts? Not a problem, LITRAXS allows for multiple stores and access to each is limited by the upper management or owners of the enterprise. The owner can see all stores while area managers can see only their stores while general mangers can see only their store. Owners can generate reports for their entire enterprise allowing for overall cost control or individual stores for targeted cost control.

LITRAXS mission is to help you "Start keeping your money liquid in the bank, not in the bottle"!